The company is one of the well known energy providers in Germany. For this reference partner we developed a complete new product. This product is called “CLEASY – Easy to clean” and it is used for the coating liquid gas containers. It consist of a two component acrylic lacquer which is treated with NANO technology. CLEASY creates brilliant new properties: The container gets a complete new and shining surface. The surface is dirt and water resistant and so it is “easy to clean”.  Like on the lotus flower the water drops are pealing away. Strong detergents are not necessary anymore. The end-consumer does not only have now an better looking container he also protects the environment because he safes cost and energy for the cleaning.


We ennoble three different colors with our NANO technology: RAL 9010 (white), RAL 6019 (green) and RAL 9006 (aluminum white aka. “silver”). We are the only company who offers the silver color and it is certified by the German TUV and so it reaches a really highs security standard!


The corrosion protection “CLEASY” was an exclusive development for PRIMAGAS and we are not allowed to sell it.

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