Maybe right now you are sitting at home and you are searching through our website.            

You start to think that the website has a nice design and also shows some good ideas but that we have no matching product for you. This opinion is wrong because so far we do not know your request!
If you want you can be our inspiration! Our company offers the service to develop a special coating solution for you. If you are interested in a lacquer with really special properties we still start together with our industrial partners to develop this new product. This developing process works as follows:
In a first meeting we will figure out all important needs of our customer and catch as much information as we can.
The second step is that we will create a “dummy product” which can go through the first several testings. After these testings we will have the first results and can discuss them with our customer. The dummy product will be tested by one of the independent testing institutions which work together with us. If the customers wants to have an official statement about the test result it will be the first time we will charge some costs. The official statement will show exactly the advantages of the new product compared to standard solution and all technical and chemical properties.

We give you the opportunity to let your idea come true! Also we guarantee to keep the costs as low as possible!