On the “surface treatment market” you will find a lot of suppliers.

Not all of them prove that their products really have the effects they promise us.

We play it safe!!!! How water resistant / water repellent are our products?

To give an answer on this question we are using two scientific methods:

Method one is the „INK TESTING“which is offered by plasmatreat.

Here the refined surface is tested with different liquids which have different surface tensions.

The second method is the “CONTACT ANGLE MEASUREMENT”

The angle between a liquid (for example water) and the surface of a solid body is called contact angle. At a water drip this angle must be larger than 90° because than you can talk about a water repellent surface.

Because of both methods we can see exactly how high the grade of the hydrophobia is at the different surfaces. Also we can make exact adjustments if we are not satisfied with the actual result.