On the surface we go into the depth! The CLEASY-ADD-ON refined lacquer systems and improves their properties according to the newest scientific standars of Nano technology.

Smallest particles organize themselves and create an intelligent connection with the treated material.

The Result is impressive!

The surface is sealed and depending on the treatment it gets differnet properties: more gloss, less dirt or protection against corrosion and hydrophobia.

For further information about our CLEASY-ADD-ON choose one of the following points:

  1. 1. Hydrophobia-What is this?
  2. 2. easy-to-clean-effect
  3. Guaranteed for effect and duration: a) Ink testing and contact antgle measurement, b) weathering-test, c) Gitterschnitt
  4. voc-conform
  5. C5 protection against corrosion according to DIN ISO 12944-2
  6. 4.uv-reliability
  7. 5. CO²-reduction up to 91% during the working process