The CLEASY TECHNOLOGY offers the lacquer revolution for the industry and handcraft. CLEASY is a Add-on for lacquer system which can do a lot more that the standard solutions. Smallest Nano particle unfold their huge effects. Because of CLEASY the lacquer obtains amazing and exceptional characteristics. The ennobled surface is now protected against dirt and corrosion and water is just pealing off like at the well know LOTUS-EFFECT. The application areas of CLEASY are almost unlimited. You can use it for containers, pumps, shelfs, fences, machines, stainless steel, glass, wood or other materials and subjects which are used in the industry. All the treated things will have a permanent NANO-PROTECTION.

We offer you the CLEASY-ADD-ON in connection with the SELEMIX lacquer systems called “System” and “Aqua”. Your decision for Cleasy means:

  • Innovative Add-on with 46% Nano amount.
  • unique hydrophobic Nano-protection with Lotus effect
  • easy-to-clean effect – dirt resistant and easy to clean
  • high gloss effect

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